A seamless transition from school to the job of her dreams

A seamless transition from school to the job of her dreams

Monday, 24 September 2018

Eighteen year old Nadia Brandi has made a seamless transition from school to a job with Dunfermline-based home improvement company CR Smith through their Hand Picked employability programme.

While she was in her final year at St Columba’s High School in Dunfermline, Nadia decided that she would really like to find a job in finance or accountancy which would enable her to learn on the job.  She also hoped that she could find an employer which would enable her to undertake further study while she was employed so she could gain qualifications.

Nadia said:

“I was really lucky.  I was looking at apprenticeships while I was still at school and one of my teachers told me an email had arrived from Hand Picked at CR Smith saying they had a role for a finance assistant. 

“My initial interview was with the Hand Picked team and they put me forward for the job. I attended my interviews and was delighted to be offered the job.  I was still sitting my school exams so I was able to start in June once they were finished.”

Nadia was initially employed under a Hand Picked, 90 day contract, but she impressed the team so much that a permanent offer was made. Her ambition is to become a chartered accountant and she is looking forward to starting further study this month alongside her work at CR Smith. 

She said:

“I was delighted when I heard that CR Smith was looking at options for me to continue to study whilst working.  This will allow me to work towards achieving my dream qualification while learning all the skills I need to be successful in the workplace.

“I can definitely say I feel very lucky to have gained this opportunity at CR Smith and I feel I have a good career ahead of me.”