Our founder

Gerard Eadie CBE, Chairman of CR Smith

"Young people will shape Scotland’s economic future and social well-being and I believe there are plenty of employers like me who want to help get more young people working."

“When it comes to recruitment, young people are often overlooked. On one hand this can be because they haven't learned how to sell themselves to an employer. On the other hand, it can be because the potential employer doesn't immediately see their qualities – and with no experience to their name, their applications are too readily consigned to the ‘no’ pile. It’s a Catch -22 that we all recognise."

“Hand Picked looks to solve that dilemma. It works with employers, encouraging them to act and help overlooked, yet highly capable young people kick-start their careers.  It does this by offering paid 12 week placements within their company, giving the young people relevant work experience, support and guidance for their future careers.”

If your business can offer a young person the chance to start their working life, we would like to hear from you.  Simply contact us.


Gerard Eadie CBE Chairman of CR Smith