Hand Picked 100

Founded in 2011 by Gerard Eadie CBE, Chairman of CR Smith, Hand Picked is a unique youth employment programme run by employers for young people. Its purpose is to get more young people into paid jobs in Scotland. The Hand Picked 100 campaign is calling on local employers to step up and take responsibility for the future workforce by providing 100 young people with a 90 day paid job in order to kick start their working lives. 90 days really can change a life.

You take on. They take off.

90 days to change a life.

Employers are in a unique position. Not only can we create jobs but we are best placed to educate young people about the world of work. We can provide them with tangible experiences that not only inspire their future careers and confidence but we can put them on the right path to gaining employment.

Hand Picked aims to reduce youth unemployment in 2018. To achieve this we are asking 100 employers to step up and take responsibility for just one young person. As an employer all you need to do is create a suitable 90 day paid job that provides a platform for the young person to gain real work experience and skills setting them up for their next job interview. They will gain confidence in their own ability, learn how they can contribute to the workplace and understand the expectations on them as an employee. 

Throughout the 90 days, you will support them in their role, mentor them and help them move on to further employment by providing a reference. The confidence the young person will gain from holding down a job and receiving a wage will be life changing.

Why Get Involved?

Joining Hand Picked will make your business part of a highly visible employer network with a mission - to reduce youth unemployment.  It will enhance your corporate and individual reputation locally and nationally and you will receive recognition through our commitment to gaining PR across all platforms for every one of our supporters. 

Taking on a young person is a great way of demonstrating your corporate social responsibilty to your employees, clients, customers and key stakeholders.

How does it work?

Once you've created a suitable job, the Hand Picked team will select candidates and match them to your available opportunity. 

You will then have the chance to meet the candidates and hand pick the best person for you.

Our young people are aged 16-24yrs old, they are not currently in employment and they are actively seeking work. They have already met with the Hand Picked team and have demonstrated to us that they are motivated to get and keep a job.

Download our brochure here.

The best way to find out how you can be part of Hand Picked 100 is to meet us. Use our contact form or call Pauline or Melissa on 01383 747641.

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