Employers taking responsibility for the future workforce.

Local employers making a difference

For a business of any size and from any sector, this is an opportunity to make a difference. By joining our employer sponsorship programme you can give a young person the chance to learn what it means to be an employee

Neil Alexander, Director - Eclipse (IP) Ltd “Eclipse (IP) truly believes in supporting the employment of young people from all walks of life. With this goal in mind, Hand Picked is perfect for us in helping to achieve our aims of training and providing jobs to local young people. Hand Picked has been instrumental in setting up our partnership to support young people and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.” 

Hand Picked is not linked to any wage subsidy funding schemes and that’s one of its strengths. Being a Hand Picked employer sponsor shows that as a business you are prepared to invest in a young person, providing them with a proper job and a wage.

We simply ask you to give a young person a job for 12 weeks and take an active interest in helping that person find full time employment at the end, whether that’s within your own firm or elsewhere.

It is our belief that only businesses can properly prepare young people for the world of work. If you believe the same, why not get involved and contact us.

Inspiring confidence in our young people.

How does it work?

It's really easy to get involved and the rewards speak volumes about you and your business.

The Job

We ask you to create a suitable job within your business that can provide a young person with a real opportunity to work, learn and grow their experience.

The job should be full-time, paid and be a fixed term contract for 12 weeks.

Throughout the contract, you will support them in their role as well as mentor them and finally provide them with a reference that they can take to their next job interview.

The Hand Picked job you offer provides the candidate with invaluable work experience, the opportunity to be part of a company and to earn a wage. 

Remember, this is not about trying to fill a permanent job within your business; you are creating an opportunity that will help a young person kick start their working life.

The Candidates

All Hand Picked candidates are 16-24yr olds that are either school leavers, college leavers, graduates or simply young people who have found themselves without work. 

All candidates apply directly to Hand Picked and are interviewed by the team. They are then matched to the available opportunities and up to three suitable candidates will be submitted for interview.

Your commitment is to interview all three candidates and select the best person for your business.

The experience and confidence gained by the candidate is something they will take forward to their next job interview. 

The Reward

Hand Picked shows that, as a business, you have rolled up your sleeves to help a young person.

You are adding real value to your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. 

You are developing your own staff by giving them responsibility for a young person. They could be a mentor, a direct line manager or be responsible for training the candidate; whatever their involvement, it is a great way to boost staff morale and train new managers.

You are raising your company profile through our commitment to do PR in local press and online.

And who knows, you might find your next employee.