The Hand Picked Academy

The Hand Picked Academy, inspiring confidence in young people.

The Hand Picked Academy

Hand Picked runs its own unique Academy that challenges perceptions of the workplace and equips candidates with the necessary skills to look for and secure employment. The Academy is run in three different formats: for direct recruitment into a partner business; for school leavers and for job seekers.

Each Academy is a three day to week-long course where we look at applications for jobs, interview techniques, workplace etiquette, we set assignments and challenges to test personal commitment and aptitude.

The Academy is hosted by businesses which means we are in a unique position to talk to the candidates about the business world in a real live setting. We use this as a platform to educate them on a variety of topics that allows them to successfully compete for and sustain employment. Academies are extremely successful with an average of 72% of attendees moving into employment and 12% moving into further education. 

Dylan Fletcher, Group Board Director, FES Ltd: “We need motivated young people who can go on and be the workforce of the future. The starting point for Hand Picked and the Academy is that there is potential in every young person. Not everyone sees it immediately, but we know it’s there and work hard throughout the week to give that young person the confidence to progress into the workplace.”

If you wish to find out more about joining Hand Picked and hosting an Academy, please use the contact details below or if you are a candidate please complete the application form and someone from the Hand Picked team will be in touch.

The Hand Picked Academy at FES Ltd

How does it work


The Academy is ideal for candidates who are actively seeking work and attending interviews, but still finding themselves without work as well as for school leavers who have decided against pursuing further education.

The course is full-time and takes place over one week within an employer's premises.

The employer and the Hand Picked team deliver a variety of workshops throughout the week and you will also have the opportunity to undertake a one-day work shadow or practical experience within the business.

At the end of the week, you will undergo an interview with the company management team. In some instances, these interviews will be for specific jobs. In others, they will provide you with robust interview feedback that will help you go into your next job interview with confidence. 




This is a great way to recruit young people and engage your business with your local community. Not only will you educate the Academy candidates about your business and industry but you will also have a direct impact on their future.

We ask you to commit some of your staff time to assist with the delivery of certain workshops throughout the week. The rest is delivered by the Hand Picked team.

The aim of the Academy is to equip a group of young people with the skills and knowledge to successfully find, secure and sustain employment.

If you are recruiting apprentices or young people, the Academy gives you the opportunity to have a good look at each candidate over a prolonged period of time; much better than the usual 20 minute interview.



Find out more

If you're a candidate and want to apply to attend the next Hand Picked Academy in your area, complete the application form

If you're a business and interested in hosting an Academy to benefit the young people in your local area, contact us here and someone from the Hand Picked team will be in touch.