Hand Picked is an initiative that motivates and inspires confidence in young people.

All about Hand Picked

Hand Picked is straight-talking, no nonsense and effective, because it has been built from the employers’ perspective.

Hand Picked is designed to develop job-seeking skills, build confidence and provide real work experience for young people aged between 16 and 24 looking for employment.

It's different because it is driven by the personal commitment of employers who recognise they have a responsibility to help shape the future workforce. They are the people who can directly affect the lives of young people, giving them a better chance of success in today’s labour market.

Joe Wall, Managing Director - The Cress Company - “Young people bring ideas to any business, but without experience many get overlooked. If we want a skilled and effective workforce in the future we have to make sure the younger generation has a genuine chance to learn and understand what holding down a job really means."  

The Hand Picked initiative

Our services make it easy for businesses and candidates to get involved.

The Hand Picked Employer Sponsorship Programme

An employer sponsors a Hand Picked candidate  in a suitable 12 week paid job within their business.

Throughout the contract, the candidate is put through their paces and given mentoring support from both the employer and the Hand Picked team. At the end of the contract, the candidate receives a reference from their employer plus an endorsement from our founder, Gerard Eadie CBE. 

Each Hand Picked job gives a candidate the opportunity to build their work experience, learn relevant skills and increase their business network; because we all know, sometimes it's not a case of what you know, but who you know that can help you land a permanent job.

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The Hand Picked Academy

The Hand Picked Academy gets to the core of what it takes to secure and more importantly keep a job. It works because it challenges perceptions and attitudes of what work is.

Over the course of a week, the Academy candidates learn the truths of looking for and securing employment, whilst developing the necessary skills that allow them to access employment opportunities throughout their entire working life. 

The Academy is delivered in three different formats – for employer recruitment, for school leaves and for job seekers.

The Academy can be hosted by an employer for its specific recruitment needs with the Hand Picked team providing delivery and support. It is a great way to recruit young people into the business, while offering support to many others in the local community.

There is also a course specifically for school leavers and another for job seekers which are both delivered by Hand Picked at CR Smith and can be sponsored by a third party partner.

If your business has a boardroom or training room, you too could host an Academy. If you support what we do, sponsor a school leavers or job seekers Academy.

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